Student Housing Off Campus Rentals: Not Affiliated w McMaster University, McMaster, MAC
Student Housing Off Campus Rentals: Not Affiliated w McMaster University, McMaster, MAC


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• Modern, Code Compliant
• Handy Zone 1 Locations

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• "Best Maintained"
• "Health, Safety 1st Priority"
• "Exceptional Customer Service"
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• "Professional, Responsive, Ethical"
• "My daughter was safe"
• "I felt respected, cared and safe"
• "For 3 years we 6 women were his tenants, trust was never breached"
• "Clear & Impressive Lease"
• "Health, Safety, Security top priority"
• "Truly Exceptional Service"
• "Very Transparent"
• "Exceeded all Expectations"
• "We 5 women, truly appreciated the respect, courtesy, and trust --- "
• "Excellent Service"
• "Forthright, Factual, Fair"
• "No confusion as to what's expected"
• "Makes & keeps commitments"
• "Safety & Comfort are top priority"
• "He is fair, consistent, and honest"
• "Thank You - for a good home, respect, and professionalism"
• "Straightforward & Honest person"
• "Our group of girls has had a great experience living off campus ---."
• "Generous, Efficient, Responsible."
• "Conscientious, Respectful --- ."
• A Great Landlord"



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• Canada Charter Rights
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• Residential Tenancies Act

C. McMaster Students Personal PROTECTION

• Group-Lease Only.
• NO Room Rentals.
• Group Picks Housemates
• No Random Renters
• No Strangers in our 5, 6, 7 Bedroom Student Houses Housing

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Mr. Karan Bami, BHSc. H

To Whom It May Concern - 2010


We are a Group of 7 McMaster University Students residing at a 7 bedroom house at 215 Emerson Street, Hamilton. This is our Group’s second year at this off campus student housing property, and we greatly appreciate the quality of service and support that Pericles Partners Inc (The Landlord) has delivered and shown to us during our tenure there.

The 215 Emerson property is spacious, set back from the main road on a small ‘hillock’, located in a mainly residential wooded area and thus is very quiet. It is a 1 minute walk to the bus stand and a 7 minute walk to Main Street and campus (new engineering building & health sciences). The house has been modernized providing many self sufficient conveniences on 3 floors – 3 full large kitchens, 3 washrooms, and 7 well sized bedrooms on the 3 levels. Thus, there is no conflict in our 7 members sharing the living facilities be they fridges, stoves, sinks, toilets, showers, cupboards etc. We have a large living room and ample parking on property. 

The Landlord’s response to any problems, including appliance breakdowns or other operational issues around the house, has always been prompt and efficient without any hassles or excuses.

Sam Chakraborty (Landlord’s Rep) always makes himself available for contact and is extremely accessible for any concerns that arise.  It is very reassuring to personally experience & know that any problems will be quickly and thoroughly dealt with as opposed to the horror stories heard from other students about their landlords while living in off campus houses at McMaster.

Additionally, Pericles Partners Inc is constantly working to significantly improve the living conditions for us.  During our stay, all three kitchens & all three washrooms have been redone, as well as other changes e.g. new light fixtures and hardwood flooring in living (common) room.

Pericles Partners Inc ensures a safe living environment for students, with all requisite code safety systems present, regular joint inspections to confirm house is clean & damage free, and the housekeeping is being done in accordance with Lease; to the mutual benefit of both parties. 

From our experience, the living situation provided is safe, reliable, very comfortable physically, and very reassuring in all aspects for McMaster University Students; who may choose to rent or lease student off campus housing with Pericles Partners Inc.

We greatly appreciate the quality of service & support Pericles Partners Inc has delivered and shown to us during our tenancy.


Karan Bami,
Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours), BHSc (H)

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 --- 2015-16 Rentals: McMaster University Students Rent Modernised 5 6 7 Bedrooms Student House Housing in Zone 1 Locations w Superb 24/7 Service; Exclusively for McMaster Groups. Our affordable clean homes - Zone 1 Westdale Near Campus, are safe & fully code compliant, are renovated, are not subdivided w closet sized rooms, are clean, and reasonably priced. Each home has at least 2 fully appointed wash-rooms with MOEN & American Standard fixtures, good sized bedrooms, 1 or more modern kitchens - 2 or more full fridges, modern heavy duty laundry, modern high efficiency heat & hot water, Class A Fire Rated New Custom Roofs, Ontario Fire Code Systems incl. 110V I/C /Floor & Battery Alarms /Bedroom - CO Alarms/Floor - Fire Extinguishers/Floor - Fire Plans/Floor etc, 100 Amp Breaker Panel, on property parking, sheds for bikes, and the very best commercial student-rental property insurance. We Deliver Superb 24/7 Service.

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